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Innovative PacXpert™ flexible packaging technology is being introduced to the Russian market

The newest packaging of Interpolichim LLC will be produced under the Kubber trademark. Thanks to the innovative Dow technology, such packaging will become a flexible and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional containers currently available in the Russian and Eastern European markets. The company plans to produce 200,000 cubic meters of 5 and 10 liters each month.

"We are convinced that the Eastern European market is ready for new sustainable solutions in the field of flexible packaging. PacXpert™ technology can provide our customers with a transition to lighter and more durable packaging, while reducing their environmental impact and helping them achieve sustainable development goals," said Saifullin Ildar, Director of Interpolichim LLC. - We believe that PacXpert™ will help us take a strong position in the packaging market and expand the application areas of Kubber packaging. We are ready to cooperate with international and Russian brand owners."

"We have been working on the project for 3 years, we have been choosing a partner for a long time, actively cooperating with brand owners and conducting educational work to create demand for this innovative technology. Finally, the license agreement has been signed, and Russian consumers will soon be able to appreciate the advantages of the new packaging on store shelves," said Alexander Kulik, Sales Director of the Packaging and Special Plastics division of Dow in Russia and CIS countries.

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