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Kubber – unique packaging
* Assistance in production adaption and personnel training
Your contribution to the environmental protection
Cost efficient
We are glad to present to you an innovative technology that allows you to shift from traditional solid packaging of various volumes to a more convenient and economical type of packaging.
Kubber - a durable lightweight flexible packaging, stable in vertical and horizontal position.
Gas and liquid tight cube-shaped packaging with two handles and a screw cap, available for different volumes from 2 liters up to 20 liters.
Kubber - innovative packaging
Flexible alternative to rigid packaging
Ships and stores flat when unfilled, significantly reducing transport/storage costs
What’s the difference?
In comparison with any traditional rigid packaging:
Disposal costs of used Kubbers are significantly lower compared to rigid packaging
Kubbers take up less space in warehouses and landfills
Large space for advertising: applying images or texts on four sides, transparent inserts are possible
Need less space for storage
Being opened, Kubber, during emptying, can be folded compactly. This provides the following benefits:
Kubber extends life of air-sensitive products
100% extraction of liquid and viscous products
Kubber has improved visibility of the remaining product quantity
Automotive industry
You can use Kubbers for:
- almost any industry. From technical, chemical fluids to the food industry
Motor oils
Automotive chemistry
Varnishes, paints
Putty, primers
Soluble materials
Household chemistry
Shampoos, conditioners detergents
Washing powder
Dry fertilizers
Liquid fertilizers
Sauces, oils
Bulk products
Creamy products, jams, honey
Juices, concentrates
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